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California’s Recycling Fee

As of January 1st, 2005, the State of California began imposing a new Electronic Waste Recycling Fee (EWRF) on “covered electronic devices (CED)” sold within the state. Much like the California Refund Value (CRV) associated with bottles and cans the funds generated from this fee are to support California’s recycling efforts through the new Electronic Waste Recovery and Recycling Account. The main differing characteristic between the Electronic Waste Recycling Fee and the California Refund Value is that consumers are not entitled to the EWRF as they are with the CRV. Instead the funds are to support California authorized collectors and recyclers, such as YNot Recycle, in offsetting the costs associated with properly managing e-waste devices. Companies like YNot Recycle can collect payments from this account provided that they perform at least one cost-free e-waste recycling activity for California constituents and properly manage the e-waste material in accordance to California’s guidelines. The state of California has established in its efforts to better inform Californians about these guidelines and to provide them with easy solutions and best management practices regarding e-waste materials.

Why can’t we just dump our e-waste?

Unfortunately, due to the amount of hazardous materials that are contained in CEDs, land-filling such devices is illegal in the State of California. Instead these devices must be properly recycled to prevent hazardous contaminants from being released into the environment. The average computer monitor contains five to seven pounds of lead, which displays toxic characteristics when mismanaged. CRT devices, such as computer monitors, when discarded into the trash can result in contamination of local water supplies. Lead contained in water supplies can result in lead poisoning of the local population, which can be particularly catastrophic to young children. For more information regarding California’s findings regarding the toxic characteristics of CEDs see the website, or visit the Department of Toxic Substances (DTSC) Electronic Hazardous Waste website.

What am I suppose to do?

Electronic product consumers can do their part by following the management practices found at Namely, you waste electronic equipment SHOULD NOT be disposed of with your municipal garbage. You should first attempt to get your good conditioned, useable equipment reused by finding a proper donation center for the material. For your broken and unwanted materials, find a company like YNot Recycle in your area that will properly manage the recycling of the electronic discards. Finally keep on top of the information regarding e-waste recycling by revisiting sites like and in the near future.

YNot Recycle

YNot Recycle goes above and beyond for Californians. We make sure ALL of our collection activities are free of charge for businesses and residents in and around Sacramento, California. Your job is just to get your unwanted electronics to your front door. Using our stringent environmentally ethical guidelines we insure the best management of your outdated and unwanted electronics.

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